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What would your super power be?

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What's your theme song/anthem?

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What's your spirit animal?

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What's your favourite TV series?

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If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you want?

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Your Think is out of the box. It likes to break free from the established ways of doing things to come up with new, innovative and exciting ideas.

Your Think dances to its own tune. It helps you excite and inspire others by bringing strange and wonderful things to the table. Imaginative and creative, your Think is something different but being different is okay, because your Think is highly prized as the creator of change.

Your Think relies on details to get to the heart of a problem.

Your Think is fuelled by facts, figures and logic, but occasionally pizza and two-minute noodles. It tackles complex information in a logical and methodical manner, usually by separating the whole into its basic parts and then examining each part and their relationships.

Your Think likes cold, hard facts. It deals in specifics, not theory. Your Think is a 'doer', not afraid to get its hands dirty. It likes to get straight to the point and to the task at hand.

Your Think lives in the physical world, not some alternate universe. The here and now is where your Think belongs. It deals with real-world problems and always finds a solution by playing by the rules.

Your Think likes to take a good hard look at something to work out what it really means. Clear, logical and reasoned – you're one cool cucumber.

Your Think explores all avenues, never ruling out any factors that could have an influence on the results. It is always objective, with the precision of a Swiss watch. You’ll often find your Think in the minds of great teachers, leaders and influencers.

Your Think never thinks alone. It takes in a number of different perspectives, bringing them together before finding a workable solution.

After carefully considering all viewpoints, your Think emerges with a single, definitive solution. After all, there's only ever one right answer for every multiple-choice question.

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